A Small Comment On Beauty Standards

WHEN I decided that I wanted to be a blogger, I didn’t do it because I wanted to be recognized. I am just starting, but I’m doing it because I have a cause. It took me so long, so much effort and tears to accept me, the way I was, the things I had and things I didn’t have. It was hard to embrace the fact that I wasn’t and won’t fit into the mold everyone wanted me to have

HOW many times I heard: “you have such a stunning face, if only you were thinner..” I got tired of that. Now I have my comeback. I want to inspire, I want to change your mindset: if you’re thin, you don’t have to have big boobs and a big derrière to fit in, you’re perfect the way you are… if you think you’re too fat and want to do something about it.. do it, but do it for you, not for someone else… if you’re a size 14, and someone said you need to be a size 0.. don’t… you’re perfect the way you are.. you’re beautiful, you’re powerful.. you’re you. Look at you. Love yourself, embrace who you are, be smart, be a geek, be goofy, be who you want to be… ❤️

Stay true to yourself, that’s the only way you’ll be happy every day for the rest of your life. 



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